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You will be impressed by our male escort’s every move and positions. Our Male escorts in India are very romantic in nature and they are interested to seduce and be seduced. They are very professional and respect the privacy of their customers and the client confidentiality, privacy and discretion are essential in their service. Apart from this, we also provide services where our Call Boys comfort our client’s body and mind with the most sensual moves. You will basically find it impossible to resist the charms and energy of our Call-boys.

Call-boy job India

You can become a male escort now by just requesting a call back above, then our team will call you back within two working days, and you will be informed about the complete process and terms of the services and then you can join with us.

Call-boy service India

For your personal expenses, it is essential to have a side job or a part-time job. You can get paid a huge amount by just attending social functions and private parties with our high society customers and sometimes you will also have to provide physical pleasure.

Call-boy joining

Rather than having a permanent partner it is a better idea to have affair with multiple females and get paid for your time. A physical relationship is a completely personal preference between you and the customer. while going for meeting what ever clients will demand escort have to fullfill that only sex related things client can order. 

Hire a Call-boy

It is painlessly easy to use our website and register yourself as a male escort effortlessly. There is a dedicated team available for every city and we also assign an individual agent who will take care of your meetings and schedules. You don’t have to ask the payments, meeting time and schedules from the clients. The assigned agent will do that for you.

Simply request a callback, and you will get a call back from us in two working days.

An individual agent will be assigned for you and the contact details will be shared with you.

You can consult our service representative for any kind of help.

You can visit the website and reach our support team for further information.

You can send us mail, request a callback and give a suggestion for better service on our website.

Our escort services include all types of Male escort services such as Gigolo service, Call boy service, Playboy service, Friendship club, Male prostitute, Sex job, and adult dating in India. Many male escorts also working as an independent male escort with us and getting rewarded by customers. All our customers belong to high society and are very rich and hygienic. We have also contacts with tour and hotel agencies so we can also help in providing service to NRI customers. Our Call boy services are available in more than 150 major cities of India.

Not register yet? Register now and join the biggest call-boy service in India.

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